The Importance of Down Time

We all need some time to ourselves

If you are anything like the women I serve you put a lot of value on outcomes and achievements. After all, you are driven and intelligent and like to get things done! Sometimes even at the expense of you. Ouch!

There is always something to get done or ‘get ahead of’ and taking time for yourself probably falls to the last on the list. You are not alone. Most women have more on their plate than ever before. Given the situation the world is in and the demands of work and family, it is a lot like juggling spinning plates. I understand.

And yes, prioritizing, follow-thru, and sticking to habits it part of it, but the key to surviving long term is making time for yourself, every day.

I know, that can seem like a tall order when a lot hinges on you, but hear me out. The benefits of downtime help you become more focused, productive and fulfilled.

And I also know that high achievers tend toward seeing downtime as being too unproductive, or a literal “waste of time.” I assure you, it’s not. In fact, it is a requirement to avoid burnout and fatigue. Here’s why:

  • Downtime rejuvenates you
  • Downtime allows your brain to rest
  • Downtime frees up space for creativity
  • Downtime lets you connect with your family
  • Downtime helps prevent depression
  • Downtime offers you some perspective

Down time is designed to get you out of the fast-lane of life and onto the country back road.

Downtime allows you to experience the things you work so hard for, such as your family, your hobbies, your environment, your clients & team, and expressing your true self.

Each day that you are working or focused on responsibilities, you can’t fully be in the moment with those you are working for: yourself and your loved ones.

What’s the point of all that work if you never let yourself experience the fruit of it?

In some cultures, down time is built into the structure of society. Whether through fasting, honoring the sabbath, or engaging in a tradition that requires them to shift their focus away from their career and toward their family and faith. Even in modern secular society, most employment requires a limit on hours worked in a day or days worked in a row. This is to prevent exhaustion and burnout.

Entrepreneurs, listen up: TAKE A BREAK EVERY DAY! Schedule your lunch so you can step away from the 8,000,000 things and come back focused and refreshed.

And did I mention consistent down time sparks your creativity? Here is some science that supports this.

Build it into your life as a way to disconnect from what you think matters most and reconnect with what really does matter most…you.

Here are some ways to build down time into your life:


✓20 minutes of prayer or journaling

✓20 minutes of reading



✓One-on-one time with family



✓Date night

✓Family game night

✓Sunday dinner




✓Host or attend a dinner with friends

✓Volunteer in your community

✓Engage in a social activity outside your home

✓Go to a movie

✓Complete an art or hobby project


✓Host or attend a family reunion

✓See live music

✓Take a “stay-cation” or vacation

✓Engage in a sporting event

How you engage in your downtime isn’t as important as the fact that you need to stay consistent with it to avoid burnout.

Most of all, you are worth it and your example will teach others that it is important to engage in downtime to prevent their own fatigue and deterioration of their quality of life.

Start small. Commit to 10 minutes a day and build from there.

I can attest to initially being slightly opposed to the idea of downtime, esp. when there is so much to do!…TWO burnouts later, I have realized over the years, that you-time is imperative to healing.

So my challenge to you is: Pick your favorite forms of down time and commit to marking time off your calendar for one week. Implement and watch your personal satisfaction increase while your fatigue diminishes!

xx, Trish


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