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The alarm blares before sunrise, jolting you out of a restless sleep.
You drag yourself out of bed to squeeze in a quick workout before rushing off to your overflowing inbox and back-to-back meetings.

You grab an energy bar in the car, trying not to spill your coffee as you weave through traffic, barely noticing the scenic views.
At your desk, you push through email after email, looking up only to see the hours fly by.

You scarf down a late lunch between conference calls, and can't remember where you just put your car!
If only you could stay focused & quiet the thoughts racing through your mind.

At home after work, you face chores and errands before collapsing on the couch, scanning through your phone until exhaustion takes over well before you're ready for bed.

Despite being constantly on the go, you feel restless and unfulfilled. Work is all-consuming yet unrewarding. Friends feel more like acquaintances. Your relationship lacks connection. There's an inner voice pleading "There must be more to life than this."

You dream of easing off the gas, but it's terrifying not knowing what would fill the void. The days blur into weeks lost in busywork without anything feeling truly accomplished.

You can't sustain this level of stress and speed forever. But you feel trapped on the never-ending hamster wheel of striving, longing for relief from the barrage of overwhelm and self-doubt.

If this feels painfully familiar, take heart that you're not alone.
There's another way – one that nourishes your spirit while still achieving your goals.

Does this resonate with you?

Are you ready?

It wasn't long ago that I had driven myself into the ground.
My body shut down.
My mind was numb. 
My soul was aching.
Debilitating fatigue, weight gain, foggy thinking, depression, anxiety...they ruled my days.
I was lonely, and barely getting by on the inside; on the outside, I kept driving hard. I looked "just fine" .
But deep down, I was falling apart.
I knew I couldn't keep up my pace and honestly, I didn't want too.
I wasn't happy and I really didn't know who I could even share that with. 
After all, good girls keep a smile & don't ruffle feathers, right?
It was like I was living groundhog day everyday and my soul was trying to flag me down...
She knew something had to change. 

I believe, with every cell in my body, that lasting transformation and true wellbeing involves the alchemy of Soul & Science.
I also believe that "high functioning burnout" is wayyyyy to mainstream these days...

meet Trish

sulinya r.

"I have been very fortunate to have worked with Trish as my healer, coach, and mentor for almost two years. Trish has the rare ability to channel deep and potent wisdom and integrate it with her holistic knowledge of the human body and mind to help you effectively address your issues at the root. Trish has helped me to navigate some of my most difficult challenges, from fear, sorrow, stress, and even severe insomnia. Through her guidance, I have come out of every life challenge with greater wisdom and self-assurance, even in times when I feared I would not. She has helped me to become a more embodied, peaceful, and confident human being. And as a Millennial woman seeking to create a life of meaning and purpose, I have routinely turned to Trish for her guidance on many issues that women of my generation routinely face but are rarely addressed. I am proud to call Trish my role model. I see her as the modern-day embodiment of the revered wise female healers from traditions around the world. If you are committed to transforming your life, you won't find anyone better to help you along your path than Trish Ward."

bethany l. 

"Trish is the real deal. My experience with her was more than remarkable! She is completely down to earth and unapologetically authentic, which is so refreshing in a world of less than bona fide guides. She very competently and kindly leads you in a way that [even if it's not what you want to hear], you feel refreshingly inspired to adjust and overcome & take action. She has an intrinsic inspiration that is so legitimate it knocks you on your seat. I highly recommend her services to my family and friends alike. If you're fortunate enough to work with her, you'll feel and BE more dazzling because of it."

Jodie T.

I really feel like finding Trish was Divinely orchestrated. When Trish and I began working together, I was lost, stuck and beyond D.O.N.E. I had all the classic signs of burnout & literally felt so detached from my life. Trish quickly got the to underlying beliefs that were running the show and would often give me 'homework' to practice in between our calls.  Her expertise in walking you thru the sticky parts is something, to this day, I reflect on...major life transformation that continue to serve me. I am a better woman, business woman and wife because of the time I worked with her. 
If you have given it all away and have none left for yourself, look no further, Trish will help you find yourself and create a plan specific to you. 



Feel the stirrings of a deeper connection within? If your heart resonates with this journey, I invite you to delve even further alongside me

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