The Mission:

I stand for compassionate Self-Awareness in the 5 core pillars of our lives.
Helping ambitious, driven women fully own & love themselves, mind, body, soul…is my PURPOSE.
I am fully committed to guiding women to own the inner & outer dance of renewal so they can feel fulfilled, confident, connected & tend to their Sacred Well.


I believe in being down to earth, being vulnerable & staying curious.
I believe by living grounded & open we not only find our deepest truth, but we allow others to do the same.

I value Authenticity & Truth.

I believe in walking your talk. In owning challenges and asking for help. I believe the honest truth is the foundation of wholeness. 

I value Integrity.

I believe connection to Source, Self & Society is intimately connected and honoring this interconnected infrastructure is what keeps our Sacred Well full & fulfilled. 

I value Connection.

In examining both our inner & outer worlds thru both the creative scope of science & the lens of wisdom.
 It’s in becoming aware of this Alchemy that I believe we know ourselves, we honor ourselves, and we love ourselves.
And that POTENT alignment is what the world needs…NOW.


As someone who fully commits to the work of self-growth in all aspects, I to donate a portion of my proceeds each month to non-profits & causes that support young women’s STEM education, organizations that support those who are differently-abled, as well as, those that support mental health awareness. This is such a soul-fulfilling blessing.


Self-Care is one of my top values and is weaved into everything I do with clients and the communities I lead. I know all too well what happens when we let parts of our Well run dry and I want every woman to know that by prioritizing herself she heals the world. 


my method

I use the term 'Sacred Well' as a Self-Awareness concept that honors all parts of ourselves.  
Living in a patriarchal world that tells us to do, do, do it can be confusing what to focus on to care for ourselves. 
And we tend to jump on a new diet trend, grab a book to help us 'get better' with our habits, or go into overdrive, taking on more than humanly possible. 
And then we wonder why we can't get it all done; why we are so overwhelmed, burned out, unfulfilled; why our bodies break down & our relationships suffer. 
I've been there and I am here to tell you it is possible to access the deepest levels of joy, purpose & happiness by honoring and filling your Sacred Well. 
By doing so, you are able to create balance in your life, hold boundaries with love, lead with confidence, lovingly accept yourself and have incredible energy that allows you to focus, be productive, and honor your Inner Wisdom. 

filling the sacred well

It's honoring your


It's honoring your 


It's honoring your


Filling The Sacred Well uses wisdom of the ages and modern day practices that focus on:

it's your Sacred Well

Tending to you...all THE parts of where lasting Balance & fulfillment is found

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