Everyone has this ALL wrong….

Do you ever feel like creating healthier habits (working out, eating better, meditating, etc.) is a lot of harder than it should be? Hang on, because I’ve got some news for you that I hope makes you feel a whole lot better about it!

In fact, over the next few weeks I’m going to share some powerful info that makes creating new habits a whole LOT easier.

In a nutshell, it all comes down to one thing. Your MINDSET. Once you get your mindset right, everything else begins to fall into place.

Did you know that having a positive mindset can actually help you make healthier choices and actually live longer?

You don’t have to be born with a positive mindset. It’s something you can create and strengthen over time.

I used to think this was all a crock…who “practices” mindset and positivity?

Doesn’t the world KNOW what my life has been like? C’mon. I’ve gotta get things done! I don’t have the time for this.

Until I got dragged to my first personal development workshop back in college when the instructor asked us all “what do you want?” and I couldn’t come up with an answer.

I could tell all the things I didn’t want…but the lack of clarity on what I did want was s-c-a-r-y.

She went on to share with us that framing clairty has everything to do with creating new pathways in our brains to master new habits and follow thru!

OMG! Now she had my attention…I struggled with follow-thru my whole life and chalked it up to anxiety, focus issues and being super-sensitive.
{Back in the day, I was told I was “too sensitive”…little did I know I was deeply empathic and intuitive, but that is a topic for another time.}

I think we’ve all struggled with mastering new habits – things like, meditation, implementing boundaries, healthy meal prep, (and then actually eating the meals we prepped), sticking with a new workout plan, getting up earlier, reading more, productivity, etc.

I know that when I’m trying to get back into my habit of working out, I’ll do great for a few days (or even a few weeks) and then boom! I am up working again at 5am instead of hitting the gym.

All of a sudden I forget or (confession) totally blow it off. Maybe it’s because I’m busy, tired, or who knows what. Anyway, I start slipping.

And then I start to feel a little guilty…  then I get angry or upset with myself … and then I end up saying “I’ll just start again tomorrow.” (Cue the endless loop of frustration!)

Well, have you ever heard the saying that it only takes three weeks to make a new habit? I am not sure who came up with that number, but guess what? It’s WRONG!

It actually takes NEARLY THREE TIMES LONGER than that – depending on the person, the habit, and the situation.

A study from Australia found that on average, it takes about 66 days to develop a new habit.

This news actually makes me feel a lot better, and I hope it does you, too. It takes the pressure off being “perfect” right out of the gate.

Creating a new habit can be hard, and you can end up with unrealistic expectations – like having it mastered in just a few weeks.

Good news! The study also showed that missing a day or two doesn’t mean you’re back to square one in creating the habit.

Be prepared to slip up now and then, and when you do, get yourself back on track as soon as possible. Eventually, it WILL become easier, especially when you start to see the results of all your effort!

Lasting changes take time – so whenever possible, make sure you enjoy the ride! It’ll increase the likelihood you’ll own that new habit.

Do you need a little strategy session to come up with troubleshooting advice for making those habits a reality? Just click here: https://go.oncehub.com/TrishWard and we can set up a time to chat.

Have an awesome day!


Reference: https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/the-happiness-project/200910/stop-expecting-change-your-habit-in-21-days

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